IATA Airline Industry Retailing Symposium 2019 @ Bangkok

I’m very thankful to IATA for their invitation to participate in the “Challengers Panel” at the upcoming IATA Airline Industry Symposium happening in Bangkok from the 29th to 31st of October.

I will be very happy to engage in an interesting conversation about what’s happening in the airline distribution industry and how AirGateway, as one of the relevant new-entrants, is approaching this age of demonopolization.


IATA AIR Symposium Bangkok 2019

Source: iata.org

10th Ancillary Merchandising Conference


My views from the 10th Ancillary Merchandising Conference in regarding NDC deployment progress are, that given the industry dynamics and the lack of expertise of the airlines when it comes to huge-traffic APIs, NDC players would have to wait for big IT providers such as Farelogix and Datalex to provide NDC-enabled APIs for the big-named airlines to see real cases of the NDC distribution model on production.
This said, both IT providers are expected to do so before the end of the current year which is a reasonable time margin to get ready for NDC.

T-Hack Hamburg

I’ve been invited by Gene Quinn (CEO @ Tnooz) to participate as a judge in the first worldwide NDC-based Hackathon, thumb happening in Hamburg this upcoming weekend.


After spending some months learning on the Air industry and very particularly focused on the NDC (New Distrubution Capability) standard, I’m excited to see first early-stage ideas that the blooming technology can bring into an industry which is very in the mood to be revamped from it’s roots, as we have seen along this year.

The Hackathon will be continued along the week by the IATA WPS, where the resulting ideas from the THack will be for sure a hot topic in the event’s conversation.



MAD in Spain 2012

MAD 2012 Domestika on Vimeo.

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