IATA Airline Industry Retailing Symposium 2019 @ Bangkok

I’m very thankful to IATA for their invitation to participate in the “Challengers Panel” at the upcoming IATA Airline Industry Symposium happening in Bangkok from the 29th to 31st of October.

I will be very happy to engage in an interesting conversation about what’s happening in the airline distribution industry and how AirGateway, as one of the relevant new-entrants, is approaching this age of demonopolization.


IATA AIR Symposium Bangkok 2019

Source: iata.org

AirGateway backed by HTGF

Two years and a half after founding AirGateway we have achieved securing a pre-seed round with High-Tech Gründerfonds, the largest VC in Germany highly specialized in B2B software-leveraged companies.

This financing round will allow us to bring the company to the next level in terms of both product and business development.

We will be announcing very soon relevant strategical updates in the context of the company.

IATA NDC Interest over time

A simple query in Google Trends to show how interest on IATA NDC has been growing since IATA started with the initiative in the year 2012.

– This is a live chart –

Google Trends is a “trend detection” tool provided by Google to display how search terms evolve in their search engine over time based on user’s interactions.