T-Hack Hamburg

I’ve been invited by Gene Quinn (CEO @ Tnooz) to participate as a judge in the first worldwide NDC-based Hackathon, thumb happening in Hamburg this upcoming weekend.


After spending some months learning on the Air industry and very particularly focused on the NDC (New Distrubution Capability) standard, I’m excited to see first early-stage ideas that the blooming technology can bring into an industry which is very in the mood to be revamped from it’s roots, as we have seen along this year.

The Hackathon will be continued along the week by the IATA WPS, where the resulting ideas from the THack will be for sure a hot topic in the event’s conversation.



Grape API Skeleton

I’ve published a very simple and lightweight Rack-based Grape API skeleton with Swagger autodocs that can be used as an starting point for a SOA-friendly approach architecture.
It can bring a base restful API in 1 minute with autodocs out of the box. I hope it’s useful to someone.

You can see the code here and the Heroku-hosted demo here.

And this is a brief list of sample endpoints.


Stop Bombing Gaza



Update: Following Dani’s advice in the comments, viagra I’m updating the post to claim the same thing but the other way around. But in oder to keep priorities fair, I just made a very simple proportional banner size attending to the current number of deaths in the last month of conflict. Fair as Maths.

Given 1875 deaths in Palestina per 67 in Israel, if Gaza’s banner is 650px I estimated Israel one should be 23px. So here it is.